Our Partners
*District Adminstration of Kondhamal District
*Govt. of Odisha
*NABARD, Bhubaneswar
*PREM/Concern World wide
*Action Aid
*Eficor, New Delhi
*SDTT, Mumbai
*IDE ( India)
*WECAN, Orissa
*NAWO, Bhubaneswar
*OSACS, Bhubaneswar

To spread its vision and work and to place the local issues in district, state and national level platforms SWATI has joined many networks and alliances. During these years SWATI has received recognition from many civil society networks. It is a member of :

*Phulbani Action Group (PAG),
*Orissa Voluntary Health Association (OVHA),
*Confederation of NGO in Rural India (CNRI),
*Voluntary Action Networ India (VANI),
*Credibility Alliance,
*Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development (AVARD),
*National Alliance of Women (NAWO),
*Orissa Adivasi Manch (OAM),
*Orissa Water Forum (OWF),
*Orissa Suchana Adhikar Manch (OSAM) and
*Antaranga etc.