Health & Sanitation

Health is a major concern in this area because of poverty, migration, lack of drinking water facilities & food security measures. Due to health factors villagers have been facing troubles like economic crises, increase in infant and mother mortality rates, decrease in working power, trapped in exploitation and loss of properties. In every year at the time of rainy season most of the people are affected in Malaria, Diarrhea, skin disease & malnutrition. The villagers don't get proper government health service & mostly depend on traditional healers. SWATI has understood the importance of health intervention from the very beginning of its engagement with the community.
Health programme has undergone an evolution during the years; with graduation from awareness building to strengthening community institution and intervention in promotive health.

HIV & AIDs Eradication programme
The area is a risk zone of HIV & AIDs inflection because many villagers mostly young boys and girls migrate out of the district and state searching jobs and they have no knowledge about the infection of HIV & AIDs. To prevent HIV & AIDS SWATI has implemented HIV & AIDs Eradication programme in five blocks Phulbani, Tikabali, Phiringia, K.Nuagaon and Daringbadi of Kondhamal district with the support of OSACS, Bhubaneswar. SWATI has identified 250 female sex workers and has provided them medicinal support and counseling to prevent the disease. SWATI is creating awareness campaign on HIV & AIDs through posters, wall paintings and Leaflets and promoting condoms.

Community Based Malaria Control Programme
SWATI has undertaken Community Based Malaria Control Programme in 100 villages of 12 Gram Panchayats of 3 blocks. Based on the study of SDTT, TATA Social Welfare Trust (TSWT) has assisted this Programme. SWATI has built rapport with the community, collected necessary data and organized meetings to start the Programme. SWATI had undertaken 2-phase Residual spray in 128 villages, coming under 7 sub centers of 7 GPs with the support of CDMO, Kandhamal in the year 2009. SWATI had also organized several health camps for malaria prevention in the past.