Welcome Message

Social Welfare Agency & Training Institute (SWATI) is a Non-government Organisation has been working for the development of the tribal people and underprivileged sections of society living in remote pockets of Kondhamal district in Odisha since 1997. SWATI envision a self sustained and self reliant just society with equal participation of women and living in harmony with the nature by conserving and managing the natural resources. SWATI gives importance to promote a sustainable livelihood process through wise management of natural resources and life skill development. Promotion of civic revolution of civil society alliance towards the empowerment of socioeconomic and political governance and mainstreaming the concept of self reliance is the principle objective of its programme. SWATI tries to bring the social change through gender mainstreaming, peace building, communal harmony, youth initiatives and strengthening people's organizations.

SWATI believes in complete development of the community in livelihood, Education, Health and Sanitation, Governance and access of government provisions, Natural Resource management, Social justice and socio-cultural development, strengthening civil society bodies and execution of constitutional rights and duties.

Programme And Activities Of Swati
Natural Resources Management
*Integrated Natural resource management
*Watershed Management
*Community Forest Management
Livelihood Promotion
*WADI Development
*Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practice
*Micro finance & Micro entetprise
*Accountable Governance
*Panchayat Level taskforce
*Demand driven governance accountability
Health & Sanitation
*HIV & AIDs Eradication programme
*Community Based Malaria Control Programme
Social Justice & gender mainstreaming
*End all violence against women